Group Visit Information

Thank you for booking a group visit to Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens! Please read the following information to prepare.

For more information or changes to your visit, please contact Education and Outreach Manager Olivia Edlund at or 215.733.0390 x.116.

What to Expect

Use this Social Narrative slideshow to prepare yourself and your group for what to expect on your visit to PMG.

Our Space

Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens (PMG) consists of both indoor and outdoor mosaicked spaces. Two gallery spaces and a fully-mosaicked basement are inside our building. The outdoor mosaicked sculpture garden covers three city lots and is made of passageways at street level and below ground.

Take a virtual tour of the outdoor space

Site Tours and Discovery Tours take place mostly inside of our main building but include murals on the outside of the building and the outdoor sculpture garden.

Neighborhood Walking Tours take place mostly in the blocks surrounding PMG, but visitors also have access to the sculpture garden and indoor galleries.

Much of the indoor galleries at PMG and parts of the outdoor sculpture garden are accessible to people in wheelchairs. Both the basement and the lower level of the sculpture garden can only be accessed by stairs. If anyone in your group is not able to go up or down stairs, please let us know so we can adjust the tour accordingly.

About the Content at PMG

PMG would like to make you aware that our space contains artworks that display the nude human figure. PMG was created by Isaiah Zagar as a journal of his life. He, like many artists over the centuries, believes the human body is its own beautiful work of art. The works are present throughout the site, along with countless other themes and objects, and are not the primary focus of our space. Our staff are happy to answer any questions you may have about nudity in the space prior to your visit.

More PMG Resources

Go beyond your visit to PMG with our Resource Sheets. Resource sheets are available on the following topics:

  • Isaiah and Julia Zagar
  • The History of Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens
  • South Street and the Community
  • Materials and Mosaics
  • Art Environments
  • Folk Art and Influences from Abroad

Each sheet includes related books, articles, videos, activities, and more. View and download them here.

Rules and Policies

  • For the preservation of the space, we ask that visitors refrain from touching the artwork (this includes mosaicked walls, sculptures, and Special Exhibition works).
  • Backpacks and large bags must be worn in front for the duration of your visit. Groups should not bring bags into the space when possible.
  • No umbrellas can be used in the outdoor sculpture garden.
  • In the event of unsafe conditions (such as snow, ice, sleet, or lightning) the outdoor space will be CLOSED, and will remain closed until conditions improve.
  • View our full Rules and Policies

Chaperone requirements

  • One chaperone is required for every ten students ages 8 and older, and every six students ages 7 and younger.
  • Chaperones must stay with students at all times, including in the sculpture garden.


Casual photography is encouraged. Only handheld cameras may be used. Photography equipment that affects other visitors’ experiences (such as tripods and reflectors) is not permitted. Please see our Photography Policy for a complete list of our regulations.


There is no water fountain at PMG. Groups may bring water bottles with them to carry throughout the museum and refill them from the tap.


  • No space is available at PMG where groups can eat lunch.
  • Many groups choose to eat their lunch at Seger Park, 1020 Lombard Street, right around the corner from us. The Park is fenced in and has playground equipment and benches.
  • There are several quick serve restaurants in the neighboring blocks of South Street and in the 9th Street Italian Market between Christian Street and Washington Avenue. Find more information about local restaurants and attractions here.

Payment & Cancellation Information

  • A non-refundable deposit is required for groups of 50 or more.
  • For guided tours scheduled on weekdays: Full payment is due on the day of the visit. Payments must be made in one transaction by cash, check or credit card.
  • For general admission timed tickets or guided tours on weekends: Full payment is due one week in advance.
  • Payment can be made in advance by check (made payable to Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens) or credit card (by calling 215.733.0390 x.116). You may also fill out a Credit Card Authorization form and email it to Payment the day of your trip can be made by cash, check or credit card.
  • If your school or site requires a W-9 for payment or a Certificate of Liability of Insurance, please email
  • Refunds for reservations cancelled less than one week in advance will be at the discretion of PMG.
  • Group tours have a seven person minimum. Tours may still run with less than seven participants, but payment will be required for seven people.


When you arrive please proceed to Alder Street (off of South Street next to PNC Bank). One representative from the group should check in at the front desk at our main entrance at 1020 South Street to receive further directions and make any payments. Groups arriving early may not be able to enter before their scheduled tour time. Please call us at 215.733.0390 x.119 if you will be more than 15 minutes late. PMG reserves the right to shorten tours for groups arriving after their scheduled tour time.


Groups may spend time after their guided tour exploring the space on their own. Because of the small size of our museum, we ask that groups exit the space within 15 minutes of the end of their scheduled tour. This allows us to keep the number of visitors in the space at a comfortable level so everyone can have an enjoyable visit.


Metered and two-hour parking is available in the immediate vicinity along South and Bainbridge Streets and numbered streets. Free untimed parking is available on streets farther south. Several parking garages are located nearby. The closest garage can be entered by making a left onto 11th Street from South Street, the entrance is on the right.


Buses can drop off and pick up groups directly in front of Philadelphia’s Magic Garden on South Street, however the buses cannot park there for the duration of the visit.

The Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau has more information about where buses can park.