PMG Photography Policy


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We ask that credit is always given to Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens whenever the images are published or posted.


Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens (PMG) defines Non-Commercial /Personal Photography as any casual snapshots taken on PMG property by visitors to the location.  This may include cell phone photography and camera photography used solely for personal use and/or to post on social media sites.  We encourage people to take personal photographs as part of their experience in the space.

  1.  Non-commercial photographers do not need to make reservations in advance but do need to pay the general admission fee.
  2. No additional equipment may be used (i.e. reflectors and tripods).
  3. All visitors must comply with our Rules and Policies at all times. This includes keeping all passageways accessible while refraining from touching any artwork, leaning on mosaic walls, or climbing any of the structures. Failure to comply will result in being asked to leave the site immediately.



Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens (PMG) defines Posed Photo/Video Shoots as still or moving images taken of posed individuals, groups, couples, or families by a photographer (either professional or amateur), ad agency, or other marketing entity. This includes engagement/ wedding photography as well as graduation/family portraits. People photographing inside the space with photo equipment that affects other visitor’s experiences (i.e. tripods or reflectors) may also be considered in this category.

Commercial photography or videography is defined as a project that is utilizing PMG as a visual backdrop to bring awareness to any business, service, campaign or subject matter, whether the resulting photos are for profit or available free of charge.

  1. All posed photo shoots must be scheduled at least 7 days in advance and need to take place during PMG’s staffed hours. Due to the volume of requests for photography, this policy is strictly enforced. Advanced booking does not grant exclusive use of PMG during the time requested.
  2. Due to heavy visitation, no posed photo/video shoots may occur on Saturdays.
  3. All members of the party and the photographers must abide by our Rules & Policies, which include refraining from touching or leaning on the artwork and mosaic walls.
  4. A fee of $50/half hour is due after finishing the photo shoot. We offer a special $25/half hour fee for using one of our recommended photographers. Please contact us for details.
  5. Photo/Video shoot clients may not be on site for more than 2 hours total unless special written permission is granted.
  6. The photo shoot fee admits up to 5 people to PMG including photographer. If the group is larger than 5, written permission is needed and each additional member will be required to pay an additional fee.  A private rental of the space may be required for groups of more than 10 people.
  7. Photo shoot clients do not have access to non-public areas of PMG, including the office. Only groups accompanied by one of PMG’s recommended photographers may access the basement.
  8. Photo or video shoots containing lewd or graphic material are not allowed at PMG.
  9. No artworks can be moved without written permission from PMG and the assistance of a PMG staff member.
  10. No photo shoots may take place during PMG’s public programs.



  1. Requests for student photography are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.  Please contact PMG to schedule your visit ahead of time.



For questions regarding our photography policy or to schedule a photo shoot at PMG, please fill out our Photo Shoot Request Form, or contact us via email at or by calling (215) 733-0390 ext. 120.

This policy applies to all amateur photographers, wedding photographers, media/press photographers, professional/commercial photographers, student and non-profit photographers on the property of Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens at any time.  Those who do not comply with this policy will be asked to leave the premises immediately.