Group and School Tours

Outside at Philadelphia's Magic Gardens a staircase goes up between two flat walls. The stairs and walls are covered in colorful tiles. Above the staircase and flat walls the walls continue but are made out of objects such as bike wheels and bottles.

Guided Tours

Learn what to expect when visiting PMG with a group in this slideshow

Site Tours

For students in grades 1-12, university students, and adults (1 hour)

These guided interpretive tours take visitors through the PMG main site, including areas not normally open to the public. Learn about PMG creator Isaiah Zagar, his background and influences, the materials and techniques used in his mosaics, and the history of South Street and Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens.

Pre-K Discovery Tours

For students ages 3-6 years old (1 hour)

Young children can learn about mosaics and PMG creator Isaiah Zagar on this interactive tour. Guides focus on colors, shapes, counting, and looking closely while engaging students in activities and a scavenger hunt.

Elementary Level Discovery Tours: Look Closer

For students in grades 1-5 (1 hour and 15 minutes)

Students on this interactive tour focus on looking closely at the thousands of elements that make up the mosaics. Guides will lead students in thinking and talking about art, playing games, and creating their own postcard to take home. Basic information is also included about artist Isaiah Zagar and the history of the space.

Secondary Level Discovery Tours: What is Art?

For students in grades 6-12 (1 hour and 15 minutes)

Students on this interactive tour focus on thinking about what makes a work of art, using the mosaics and special exhibitions as inspiration. Guides will lead students in discussing art, playing games, and creating their own postcard to take home. Basic information is also included about artist Isaiah Zagar and the history of the space.

Neighborhood Walking Tours

Available seasonally, for students in grades 6-12, university students, and adults (1 hour and 30 minutes)

Take a walk into alleyways around Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens to view Isaiah Zagar’s glittering creations.  Learn about Zagar’s relationship with the neighborhood along with the personal and community stories depicted in his large, shimmering murals.

Walking tours are scheduled from May through October. Not recommended for younger groups or those with mobility challenges.

Touch Tours for People with Visual Impairments

Recommended for ages 14 and older, Limited to 10 participants* (1 hour and 30 minutes)

PMG is a feast for the senses, and on this tour visitors with visual impairments will get a feel for the space like never before. Explore the mosaics and other objects through guided touch and verbal description. Limited times are available due to the immersive nature of this experience. This tour was developed in conjunction with Philly Touch Tours.

*Each participant with visual impairments may bring one sighted guide for no charge

Group Tour Pricing

Pre-K, $4 per person
Philadelphia Public and Charter Schools, $2 per person
All other K-12 schools, $8 per person
University, $10 per person
Seniors (65+), $14 per person
Adults, $16 per person

Adult Discovery Tour and Activity

$20 per person, Recommended for university and adult groups of 5-15 participants (1 hour and 45 minutes)

Explore PMG through games and activities while learning about the space’s history and discovering surprises around every corner. Create your own mini-mosaic, separate fact from fiction, and hunt for treasures hidden among the mosaics. This tour is perfect for teambuilding or social outings.

Hands-On Art Activities

Groups can also schedule a mosaic-themed hands-on art activity as an add-on to their guided tour.
View the activity options and pricing here.

Self-Guided Groups

$15 for Adults
$12 for Seniors (ages 65+)
$12 for University Students
$10 for Students (Grades 9-12)
$8 for Students (Grades 1-8)
$2 for Groups of Pre-K and Kindergarten Students

Explore the fully mosaicked gallery space and outdoor sculpture garden at your own leisure. Interpreters are available to give brief introductions to Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens and answer questions.

Self-guided groups of more than 15 people must reserve in advance. Groups without a reservation may not be admitted.

Tour Reservations

Please complete our Tour Request Form, call (215) 733-0390 x. 116, or email education@phillymagicgardens.org to make a reservation for a tour or self-guided group.

Private tours are generally scheduled Monday and Wednesday-Friday. Minimum of seven participants per private tour. Reservations should be made at least two weeks in advance. Some last-minute reservations may be accommodated. Inquire about maximum capacity. Larger groups may visit over multiple tours.

Virtual Tours

PMG offers virtual tour experiences that can be tailored to all age groups and interests. Rates start at $50 for a 30 minute session. Contact us at education@phillymagicgardens.org or 215.733.0390 x.116 to make a reservation or find out more.

Visionary Visits Discounted Tours

Visionary Visits provides discounted guided tours and virtual experiences for groups with a financial need. Special preference is given to Philadelphia public and charter schools, but all schools and organizations are welcome to apply. The program educates youth and adults about Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens and its creator Isaiah Zagar. Tour themes can include mosaics, art as therapy, Mexican folk art, art environments, the impact of art on a neighborhood, and more.

Find out more and apply here.

This program has been generously supported by the Philadelphia Cultural Fund and the Seth Sprague Educational and Charitable Fund.

At-Home Art Kits

Purchase kits to make your own mosaic-themed projects at home with your class or group. View projects and prices here.

About the Content at PMG

Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens would like to make you aware that our space contains artworks that display the nude human figure. Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens was created by Isaiah Zagar as a journal of his life. He, like many artists over the centuries, believes the human figure is its own beautiful work of art. The works are present throughout the site, along with countless other themes and objects, and are not the primary focus of our space. Our staff are happy to answer any questions you may have about nudity in the space prior to your visit.


Educational programming at Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens is generously supported by the Philadelphia Cultural Fund