Hands-on Activities

$3-$5 per person (15-30 minutes)

In addition to a tour of Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens, visitors of all ages can schedule a simple hands-on activity for smaller groups. Activities include several tile-making projects modeled after Isaiah Zagar’s techniques.


Clay doily tiles- Use lace doilies to produce intricate patterns in self-hardening clay ($3 per person)


Fridge magnet-final

Tile fridge magnets- Decorate a white tile with your own design or message ($3 per person)


Bottle cap mini-mosaic magnets- Create a tiny mosaic masterpiece inside a bottle cap ($3 per person)



Faux stained glassworks- Create a mosaic from colored acetate to hang in a window ($3 per person)*


Fridge magnet

Mosaic blob medallions- Assemble an array of materials in grout to create a mini-mosaic you can wear or hang ($5 per person)*

*This activity is limited to groups of 25 or fewer participants