PECO Family Jams: Peep Waves, Deep Waves

Sunday, September 11th 2022

12:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Inspired by our gallery exhibition We’re on the Move: Paintings by Ashanté Kindle & Khari Turner, guest teaching artist Jihan Thomas provides highly textured canvases to our visitors. These canvases, which echo designs and patterns painstakingly realized in Black hairstyles throughout the African diaspora, invite visitors to use patterns and mark-making as the bedrock of their own colorful painting. Whether the result is abstract, figurative, experimental, or just playful, the canvas is yours to take home.

Watch a short video from Jihan Thomas about this activity!

PECO Family Jams are PMG’s one-of-a-kind, family-oriented programs, featured every second Sunday of the month between NOON and 4:00 PM. Tours of the fully mosaicked basement are part of this program. No reservations are required for PECO Family Jams, but admission tickets should be purchased in advance here.

Location Details

Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens

Location Address

1020 South Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147