Save the Painted Bride Mural

Since the spring of 2018, Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens has been advocating to save Isaiah Zagar’s 7,000 square foot public mosaic at the Painted Bride site (230 Vine Street). Due to the many ups and downs of this story, we have begun compiling resources and articles here for archival purposes and for easy public access. It will be updated with information as we receive it.

In January 2021, the Atrium Design Group submitted a proposal to the Philadelphia Zoning Board to build a 7 story apartment building that will preserve the mural in its entirety, and purchased the building in April 2022. The design was approved, but was appealed by a small group of neighbors. That appeal was granted in June 2022 by a judge, who reversed the approval of the design. The fate of the mural is currently in question.

View Atrium Design Group’s proposal for the Painted Bride Building

Articles/ News:

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Video Presentation: Zagar’s Mosaics: Painted Bride, Preservation and Adaptive Reuse (3.21)

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View the nomination form for the Painted Bride Building for the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places, Philadelphia Historical Commission (2018)