Outreach Programs for Adults

Base rate: $125

1 hour presentation about one of the following topics:

  • General Presentation– An overview of Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens, including history about Isaiah and Julia Zagar, the PMG site, and the many objects and influences included throughout the artwork
  • Art Environments– An introduction to Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens, followed by an exploration of other large-scale artworks around the world
  • Mexican Folk Art– An introduction to Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens and the Zagars’ lifelong love of folk art, followed by an exploration of folk art found at PMG and the artists who created it

Upgrade your presentation to include an activity

Mosaic Medallions (+$25)

Assemble an array of materials in grout to create a mini-mosaic you can wear or hang

(Recommended for General Presentations)

Bottle Cap Magnets (+$25)

Assemble an array of materials in tile adhesive to create a mini-mosaic magnet in a bottle cap

(Recommended for General Presentations)

Tile Fridge Magnets (+$25)

Decorate a white tile with your own design or message

(Recommended for General Presentations)

Mosaic Suncatchers (+$25)

Use pieces of colored acetate to make an artwork that can be hung in a window

(Recommended for General Presentations)

Tile Mosaics (+$50)

Create your own 4 x 4 inch mosaic with a variety of tiles and colored sand

(Recommended for General Presentations)

Wood Assemblages (+$50)

Learn more about art environments like PMG and then make your own mini-art environment with wood pieces, toys, and much more

(Recommended for Art Environment Presentations)

Mexican Hojalata Tin Art (+$25)

Use coloring, embossing, and punching techniques to make your own tin art

(Recommended for Folk Art Presentations)

Wooden Alebrije Animals (+$50)

Learn about the history of Mexican alebrijes and how and why they’re incorporated into the artwork at Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens. Then decorate your own wooden animal.

(Recommended for Folk Art Presentations)


To book an outreach program or for more information:

Festivals, conventions, and other large events

PMG can offer a hands-on activity at your festival, convention, fair, or other large event. Contact education@phillymagicgardens.org or fill out our Outreach Request Form to learn more about options and pricing.

Travel Fees

Additional fees will apply for travel outside of central Philadelphia. Costs will be calculated based on distance and time to your destination.