Warren Muller

Warren Muller

Light Sculptures
Philadelphia, PA, USA

Artist Warren Muller is one of Isaiah Zagar’s closest and oldest friends and co-owner of the gallery Bahdeebahdu. He is best known for his light sculptures made of recycled and found objects. His work is featured in buildings across the U.S., and Muller had a solo exhibition at PMG in 2020.

Muller created the light sculpture under the huppa from recycled bike parts. Like Zagar, he uses discarded found objects in his art to give them value. Muller also created the light fixtures that are embedded in the mosaics throughout the basement. The large plate with the male torso on it in the west wall of the courtyard is also by Muller.

Bicycle Parts & Lightbulbs
Location: In the “Huppa” area outside at PMG