Warren Muller: On and Off the Wall

Warren Muller: On and Off the Wall
ON VIEW: February 28 – October 25, 2020

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Discover the colorful illuminated sculptures of Philadelphia artist, Warren Muller. His exhibition, On and Off the Wall, is a unique approach to creating sculptures, showcasing a series of newly fabricated wall, ceiling and free-standing pieces. Inspired by his city and the people that surround him, Muller makes the ordinary extraordinary by carefully selecting and assembling disparate objects such as bicycle parts, taillights, bedsprings, depression glass and former chandelier crystals.

From drawing, to sculpture, to assemblage, Muller believes that anything can become art. He has been close friends with Isaiah Zagar for over fifty years, and both artists have inspired each other through their use of found objects. Muller’s process is equally as important as his sculptures, which are a result of improvisation, intuition and expressionism. By understanding unique juxtapositions and how to bring inanimate objects to life, Muller’s works take on a spirit of their own and become functional sources of light and color. His “luminaries” transform the spaces where they are installed and invite spectators into his world of fantasy and whimsy.

Celebrated throughout Philadelphia by both public and private collectors alike, Muller and his business partner, RJ Thornburg, cofounded Bahdeebahdu, a mix-use gallery, artist workshop, and interior design studio in the Olde Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia. There, both Muller and Thornburg collaborate to create design solutions for collectors as well as residential and corporate clients.

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