The Vasquez Cruz Family

The Vasquez Cruz Family

Santa Maria Atzompa, Oaxaca

The ceramics of Angelica Vasquez Cruz (born 1958) are widely collected and have drawn attention to the work of her parents, Delfina Cruz Díaz (born 1929) and Ernesto Vásquez Reyes (born 1923). Vasquez learned how to make objects like jars and pots from her parents and also studied with Teodora Blanco. She eventually developed her own style based on Mexican history and legends. 

Early in her career her father-in-law Antonio Garcia Reyes (father of Irma Blanco and wife of Angelina Reyes) took credit for her work and sold it as his own. She is now an advocate for the rights of women, and many of her works celebrate women. She once had a residency at the Clay Studio here in Philadelphia.

At the end of the western hallway in the sculpture garden, there are two ceramic mermaids by Angelica Vasquez Cruz. They are located at the end of the hallway along South Street in the middle of the wall and on the top right, to the left of the last archway. In the western hallway between two of the arches there is a standing ceramic bunny by Ernesto Vasquez Cruz.

Basking Striped Tail Mermaid by Angelica Vasquez Cruz
Unglazed ceramic
6h x 5w x 5d in
15.24h x 12.70w x 12.70d cm
Location: West Hallway outside

Woman With Green Dress and Cat by Ernesto Vasquez Reyes
Partially Glazed Ceramic
23h x 11w x 11d in
58.42h x 27.94w x 27.94d cm
Location: Back Gallery