The Medrano Family

The Medrano Family

Santa Cruz de las Huertas, Jalisco
Painted clay

Candelario Medrano (1918-1986) began, as many people in his village did, by making clay sewer pipes. He then transitioned to more figural and imaginative pieces as he studied under Julian Acero, who was the top ceramic toy maker in Santa Cruz de la Huertas. He is known for making sculptures of buildings, vehicles, animals, and more. The Medrano Family uses the barro betus technique, where glazed pottery is burnished with the resin of betula birch trees mixed with egg whites.

Medrano created the hotel sculptures in the north room of the basement. He has also created nahuals (humans with the ability to transform into animals) found throughout the Gardens. 

Medrano’s legacy has been carried on by several members of his family, including his sons Serapio and Benito and his grandchildren Juan Jose and Maria.

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Candelario Medrano
Green Airplane
Painted ceramic, wire
7.50h x 7.50w x 3.50d in
Location: Back Gallery