The Garcia Family

The Garcia Family

Oaxaca, Mexico

Jose Antonio Garcia (born 1947) works with his wife Teresita Mendoza Reyna Sanchez (born 1961) and their children, Jose Jr. and Sara, in the town of San Antonino Castillo Velasco, in Oaxaca, Mexico.

The family is known for their terracotta animals, mermaids, and large human figures, which they create from clay dug from their own land and fired on their property.

Notables pieces by the Garcia family at PMG include the pregnant mermaid and other merpeople that can be found in the walls of the courtyard. Jose Antonio created an almost life-size sculpture of a woman in the front breezeway and a large dog in the basement. The Garcia Family also made the various terracotta head planters found throughout the space.

One of the ways to identify their pieces are by the moles seen on many of the foreheads of the women in the sculptures. Teresita has a mole in the middle of her forehead, so Jose Antonio includes that in his work as a tribute to her.

The Garcia family continues to make incredible terracotta pieces. Even Jose Antonio creates new work despite being nearly blind. These artworks are a very special part of Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens.


Jose Garcia Antonio
Head Planter of Teresita
Unglazed ceramic
15.75h x 12w x 11.50d in
40.01h x 30.48w x 29.21d cm
Location: Outside
Watch a short video about the Garcia Family (English)
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