Ron Garfinkle

Ron Garfinkle - Ceramic Circle Tiles

Ron Garfinkle

Monroe, Maine, USA

The large circle tiles on the east wall of the courtyard were made by Ron Garfinkle in Maine at Monroe Salt Works. Garfinkle, who served in the Peace Corps in Peru from 1969-1971, started the business in 1971, and it was sold in 2004. His ceramics use salt glazing, a technique Garfinkle learned during a residency in North Carolina. In salt glazing, salt is introduced into the kiln during the firing process, producing a distinctive but unpredictable look.

When Isaiah started buying the high fired circles they were $20 a piece. They later rose to $50 a piece as his ceramics became more popular. Many of them feature the black crow, a frequent motif in his work. The fish tiles at 610 S. 10th Street were some of his throwaway pieces.

Ceramic Circle Tiles
Location: East Wall of the Courtyard