Ricky Boscarino

Faux-Stained Glass created in Ricky Boscarino's style by Zagar
Ricky Boscarino

Ricky Boscarino

Ceramics/ Mixed- Media
Sussex County, NJ, USA

Ricky Boscarino (born 1960) is the creator of the art environment Luna Parc in Sussex County, NJ. He works in many mediums, including mosaics, ceramics, painting, and jewelry-making. He made the small brown and yellow mosaicked table in the garden area of the outdoor sculpture garden. He had an exhibition at PMG in 2016, and the table was part of that exhibition, which he gifted it to PMG after it closed. 

Boscarino also taught Isaiah Zagar the technique he uses for his faux stained glass. He uses Elmer’s glue to adhere colored glass pieces to a normal window pane. He then grouts the pieces to permanently hold them in place and wipes out other areas of grout so light can pass through. These faux stained glass panels can be found in the hallway in the outdoor sculpture garden and in the front window of the Zagars’ home at 826 South Street. Many more can also be found in windows throughout Isaiah’s studio, known as the Watkins Street Warehouse, in South Philadelphia.

Faux-Stained Glass created in Boscarino’s style by Zagar
Location: Outside at PMG in the labyrinth