Luis Valencia

Luis Valencia

Painted terracotta
San Antonino Castillo Velasco, Oaxaca 

Luis Valencia (born 1957) depicts imaginative creatures and townspeople often engaged in dancing, drinking, and other fun pastimes. In this way, the work celebrates life and is often filled with a sense of humor similar to Isaiah’s own. Luis lived with the Zagars in Philadelphia on two separate occasions, during which he created many of the works seen at PMG. 

Luis made the upside down mermaid near the huppa and the Isaiah and Julia panels at the bottom of the back staircase in the sculpture garden. Valencia also made the multi-armed Isaiah above the door in the breezeway. He created the Jesus sculpture above the doorway from the courtyard into the huppa area. Jesus was originally riding a donkey (into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday), which is why his legs are arched. He also made several sculptures on the folk art station in the back gallery.

There is also a large blue glazed ceramic piece in the courtyard wall at PMG. This piece was created while Valencia was in Philadelphia and fired at the Community College of Philadelphia because it was too large for Isaiah’s kiln. Though it is glazed unlike most of his work, you can see his recognizable almond shaped eyes. 

Painted ceramic
15h x 21w x 5d in
38.10h x 53.34w x 12.70d cm
Location: Outside in the Huppa area

Watch a short video about Luis Valencia (English)
Mire un vídeo corto sobre Luis Valencia (Español)