Angelina Reyes

Angelina Gonzalez Cruz Reyes

Unpainted terracotta
Santa Maria Atzompa, Oaxaca

Angelina Gonzalez Cruz Reyes (1929-2005) collaborated with Isaiah Zagar over many years to create dozens of sculptures embedded in PMG. Her work is similar in many ways to the work of Teodora Blanco. The two were working in the same time period only blocks from each other and were married to the same man, Antonio Garcia Reyes (born 1924). In fact, Isaiah says that he had seen Reyes’ work and wanted to find out who made it. He initially thought it was the work of Teodora, but then realized it was not. He was then told that the pieces were made by Antonio Reyes, as he would claim credit for his wife’s work. They eventually realized the pieces were made by Angelina.

The most common works Angelina created with Isaiah are men being lifted to heaven by angels, imagery Isaiah pulled from a painting by famed Mexican painter Rodolfo Morales (1925-2001).

Angel With Man
Unglazed ceramic
19h x 9w x 10d in
48.26h x 22.86w x 25.40d cm
Location: Found under the Huppa