Danielle Jacqui’s La Maison de Celle Qui Peint

Danielle Jacqui’s La Maison de Celle Qui Peint
Roquevaire, France

Danielle Jacqui (born 1934) was born in Nice, France, and received education based on ideas of free-expression. She left school to marry at 18 and didn’t begin painting until after her divorce in 1970. Despite exhibiting in Marseille, Jacqui thought her artwork was undervalued because she was self-taught. Like Isaiah’s first experience visiting The House of Mirrors, Jacqui felt set free from the limitations of fine art after visiting Robert Tatin’s art environment in Normandy. In Southern France, she decorated her home inside and out, covering it in bold, brilliantly-colored paintings, mosaics, sculptures, and embroidery.

In 1999, Jacqui completed a 165-foot-long fresco that connects her home village with the neighboring town. In November 2006 she began a ten-year project called Organugamme II which is being installed in Switzerland and scheduled to open in 2022. See more about that project here. Other portions are part of the permanent collection at Switzerland’s outside art museum Collection de l’Art Brut. La Maison de Celle qui Peint (The House of She Who Paints) is currently under the care of a friends association that arranges public viewings.

Jacqui’s name appears in the Back Gallery on the door frame of the eastern emergency exit at Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens.

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Video Unusual: The House of She Who Paints in Roquevaire by Made in Marseille (2 minutes; 2018)

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