Past Twilight in the Gardens



· April 25 – Performer: Loop 2.4.3, a performance duo, specializing in all manner of percussion, electronics and voices.

Teaching Artist: Megan Gwaltney, needle felting with fabric.

· May 23 – Performer: The Late Ancients, a band with classic rock overtones, lush vocal harmonies and psychedelic riffs. The Late Ancients combine elements of folk, rock and blues to create their own melting pot of musical intoxication.

Teaching Artist: Caitlin McMahon, Paper Iris folding.

· June 27 – Performer: Avi Wisnia, pianist and singer, presents an eclectic mix of refreshingly original songs, finding inspiration in classic Brazilian bossa nova, acoustic American folk, 1950’s west-coast jazz, and contemporary pop.

Teaching Artist: Petra Floyd and Najee Haynes-Follins, Memory Jars.

· July 25 – Special Mid-Season Celebration: A Night of Iranian Culture

· August 22– Performer: Jackie Paper, a five piece psychedelic pop-rock group.

Teaching Artist: Kat Zagaria, Zine-Making.

· September 26 – Performer: Andrea Carlson and the Love Police, is a jazz quartet with whimsical hints of blues and gypsy jazz sprinkled throughout the performance.

Teaching Artist: Oktavia Labarge, Dream-Catchers.

· October 24 – Performer: Ben Warfield, an electronic and film artist who uses his experience in biological research to create music and images inspired by nature. Every October Twilight in the Gardens celebrates Day of the Dead. This year TIG will explore this theme by focusing on death and rebirth in nature.

Teaching Artist: Katharyn Coleman, Paper Shadow Puppets.