Success Stories


Tile & Grout at Southwest Leadership Academy

Our Tile & Grout: Bonding Community program reached underserved youth at pivotal stages of their lives by providing them with alternative art opportunities that encourage positive social engagement within their schools and communities. The Tile & Grout project taught Southwest Leadership Academy Charter School’s seventh grade girls to create a mosaic mural, and then allowed them to teach the methods to younger students. The group completed a mosaic mural about the story of The Rainbow Fish by bestselling children’s author Marcus Pfister.

Southwest Leadership Academy had such a terrific experience with PMG’s Tile & Grout program that they are making arrangements to create another mural onsite.

“From now on when the 500 students at SLACS leave their daily assembly and other school gatherings they will always take notice of the striking mosaic and reflect on its message of wise counsel and a spirit of generosity.”

-Southwest Globe Times, April 4, 2013

“Have you ever sat back and saw life in a whole new way? Our mural opened my eyes and made me look past the colors and shapes. It made me see beauty at its finest.”
– Joy Cantave, Student

“Beautification goes a long way in these hallways. I wish we could add on every year.”
– Deva Watson, Lead Art Teacher, Southwest Leadership Academy

De Pueblo a Pueblo Mexican Festival


In spring, we spearheaded De Pueblo a Pueblo (From Town to Town), the first citywide celebration of Mexican customs and culture.  The eight-week festival honored this community by connecting its growing population with a broader audience. DPP was organized by PMG and local stakeholders that included the Mexican Consulate, Mexican Cultural Center, Casa Monarca, and prominent artist Laurence Salzmann. PMG hosted many activities, including folk art tours, Aztec dance and music performances, and Salzmann’s images of Mexico. We were happy to highlight the incredible folk art embedded in PMG’s walls through special folk art tours.

“Organizers of De Pueblo a Pueblo hope its lineup of more than 40 films, folkloric dances, craft workshops, traditional feasts, and [immigration] discussions will put a face on the people in the shadows, highlight their contributions to regional revitalization, and build relationships between them and the wider community. Events are conceived with “the common humanity” of participants in mind, said Ellen Owens, Executive Director of Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens.”
– Michael Matza, Philadelphia Inquirer


Self-Taught Artists Exhibitions


Self-taught artist Ed Wotemate Jr. is a Philadelphia-born adult who is deaf and mute and was “discovered” by nonprofit Coalition Ingenu because of his fantastic artistic abilities. He showcased his work publicly for the first time at PMG’s exhibition, The Visionnaires, which was viewed by nearly 10,000 people.

Though Wotemate, Jr. couldn’t use words to express his gratitude at the reception, he ecstatically thanked PMG’s entire staff through non-verbal communication.  He even posed with PMG’s staff in front of one of his favorite pieces of art!

Founded in 1995, Coalition Ingénu works with mental health centers and support systems, homeless shelters, and rehabilitation programs to promote and encourage creativity as a means to psychological and emotional well-being.  CI also creates a complete system for the recognition of creative achievement by self-taught artists marginalized by extraordinary circumstances.  In addition, they aid with the development and facilitation of open studio art classes and visit with existing art programs and artists on a regular basis. With the written consent of the artists and/or program facilitators, C.I. photographs the artwork and builds portfolios of slides and prints to be used to solicit art exhibits in galleries, community centers, hospitals, churches, bookstores and other venues.