Educator Resources

PMG Field Trip Materials

Pre-Visit Activities [PDF]

Post-Visit Activities [PDF]

Tile Self-Portrait Magnets Activity [PDF]

Mosaic Medallion Activity [PDF]

Critical Thinking Questions [PDF]

What’s Your Story Book Making Project [PDF]


PMG Lesson Plans

The following lesson plans are designed to coincide with your students’ trip to PMG and are directly applicable to the classroom in a variety of subject areas including art, writing, history, and environmental studies.

Alebrije Sculptures [PDF]

Mosaics Measure Up [PDF]

The Reappropriated [PDF]

Reverse Painted Messages [PDF]

Gaudi Glassworks [PDF]

People Poems [PDF]

Mosaic Messages [PDF]

Collaborative Icons [PDF]

Polygon Installation [PDF]

Off the Grid [PDF]

Visionary Artists [PDF]

Found Art Wind Chimes [PDF]