Virtual Event: PECO Family Jams – Lasagna Mosaics

Sunday, March 14th 2021

All day

The mosaics in Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens were created by Isaiah Zagar using salvaged materials and many things he found, such as bottles, broken dishes, and mirror. Today, we will make brightly colored mosaics using something we hope you find in your kitchen cabinet: lasagna noodles!

Check out our online tutorial to find out how to dye pasta vivid colors using food coloring then visit this page on March 14th to access the instructional video below on how to turn colored lasagna into a fun piece of art. Also, join us for a virtual exploration of Isaiah Zagar’s mosaic method.

Videos Available March 14:

Activity Instructional Video: Lasagna Mosaics
PDF: Written Instructions for Lasagna Mosaics
Mini Tour Video: Zagar Mosaic Method

PECO Family Jams are PMG’s one-of-a-kind, family-oriented programs, featured every second Sunday of the month.

Location Details

Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens

Location Address

1020 South Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147