September Twilight in the Gardens

Friday, September 22nd 2017

7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

$15/Students and Seniors


Join us for an evening of folk-inspired music, hypnotizing lights, and crystal sculptures!

For the September Twilight in the Gardens we get mystical as Zap Goes Pop! livens up the gardens while performer Elana Sophia Lamour bewitches the audience with her LED hula hooping. With lyrics echoing the vibes of Romani caravans, carnivals, and voyages at sea, songwriter Erica Daubert tells engaging satirical stories with a social consciousness. Performer Lamour will bring these lyrics to life with her enchanting moves.

Make sure to dance on over to the activity table and create mesmerizing crystal holders with teaching artist Erika Bartolotta.  Bartolotta will assist attendees in molding magical sculptures out of clay to hold their very own gems they can pick out at the table.

Visitors also have the chance to learn more about PMG through fun, casual mini-tours of the space and can view the temporary exhibition hanging in our galleries. All Twilight in the Gardens evenings are BYOBBS (Bring Your Own Booze, Blanket, and Snacks)!

Tickets are available September 8 via our website or by phone (215) 733-0390.



PERFORMER Zap Goes Pop! is a conceptual Romani-fusion band based in Philadelphia founded by Erica Daubert and Rob Speese. Their bold and exotic minor-keyed tonalities drive folk-inflected songs from aggressive fight anthems to melancholic dream sequences. Within their music, they have created and woven together a conceptual post-apocalyptic dream world, in which there are often revolving themes of folklore, mythology, and ancient monolithic societies. Though Daubert and Speese are the creative core of Zap Goes Pop! and often perform as a two-piece acoustic act, they also have a rotating cast of backing musicians that they bring in for different live performances, making each show uniquely different and surprising fans with a constantly evolving sound.

PERFORMER Elana Sophia Lamour is a Philadelphia-area fire dancer and LED hula-hoop performer. She began her journey in dancing in 2010, and joined up with Zap Goes Pop! in 2013, making her one of the earliest founding members. Lamour is also a singer and plays ukulele, piano and guitar, and has performed with Zap Goes Pop! numerous times over the years. She is also a dancer for a Setu Tribe, a local Philadelphia tribal dance squad, a visual artist and a full time student.

TEACHING ARTIST Erika Bartolota is an artist and student based in the Philadelphia area.  Inspired by nature, Bartolotta aims to reflect the human experience within her art.