2017 Exhibitions

Threshold: Works by Jacintha Clark
March 3 – April 30, 2017
OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, March 3, 2017; 6:00 – 9:00 PM

Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens welcomes porcelain artist Jacintha Clark to create masterfully rendered sculpture installations. Using skills she acquired in her career as an architectural restorer, Clark transforms porcelain to replicate common objects such as packing peanuts, sticky notes, and floor plans.  Her work allows viewers to reconsider ideas of texture, fragility, and the value we put on things we discard. Contrasting Isaiah Zagar’s colorful installation, Clark’s porcelain-white works throughout the galleries offer a unique approach to using everyday materials as inspiration for art.


Interweave: Fabric Works by Folk Artists & Isaiah Zagar
May 5 – July 9, 2017
OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, May 5, 2017; 6:00 – 9:00 PM

Isaiah Zagar has been collaborating with international folk artists and craftspeople for over fifty years. Many of the works that are produced by these artists are derived from Isaiah’s drawings and ideas. This exhibition will focus on the woven tapestries, fabrics, and textiles Isaiah and his wife Julia have collected from across the globe. The partnerships between the Zagars and artisans from Mexico, Bolivia, Peru, and beyond result in lavish works that illustrate the couple’s colorful lives in various cultural styles.


Dazzling Places & Wild Creatures: Sybil Roe Thompson & Brent Brown
July 14 – September 10, 2017
OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, July 14, 2017; 6:00 – 9:00 PM

In summer 2017, Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens will exhibit two featured artists from the Outsider Folk Art Gallery, which also shares a commitment to showcasing works made by self-taught and folk artists. Featured artist Brent Brown is influenced by mythical creatures and pop culture, and uses cardboard and acrylic paints to create unique sculptural puppets. Sybil Roe Thompson paints meticulously detailed patterns as a means of self-administered therapy and to communicate with the outside world. The works of Thompson and Brown illustrate the creativity and innovation that can occur beyond the boundaries of the conventional art world.


Time’s Funeral: Drawings & Poems by Justin Duerr
September 15 – November 12, 2017
OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, September 15, 2017; 6:00 – 9:00 PM

Self-taught artist Justin Duerr comes to Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens to cover the galleries with his complex, spiraling masterpieces. Duerr is an avid storyteller and an expert in line drawing. Using rolls of paper and colored Sharpie markers, the artist depicts a fantastical story of an “other-realm” that exists alongside our own world.  His visions of this vast universe began over twenty years ago, and continue to fuel his passion to create. The exhibition offers insight into Duerr’s world and the many stories he shares in his art, which parallel with the deeper and darker narratives Isaiah Zagar embedded in the walls of Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens.